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Friday, May 29, 2009

Only one.

I only like one flavour of ice cream - cookies and cream. I will eat other flavours such as vanilla just because every one is having ice-cream or I need something sweet but I don't get quite that sort of satisfaction i get from two large scoops of oreo/cookies and cream. But I don't eat it too often because that would not be healthy and it is not good for me. There other things that are better for me  that I like to eat too, like cold oranges on a hot day or fresh bananas or just 10 hot buffalo wings after a long 2 weeks of healthy eating and exercise (LOL). 

What am I trying to say?

I saw this episode of Ugly Betty that debated the differences between your first love and your current love. Your first love can make you giddy in ways that you think will be impossible to duplicate but your first love can be so bad for you. There are other things in life than giddiness, which is why your true love and your first love are often not the same thing and your true love will never drive you as crazy as your first love did (I hope!) Like the way the feel of that cold cold orange on a hot Lagos day will never make you fat or guilty later on.

I was thinking of my first love recently and how the people I thought I liked before don't compare to how i felt (feel?) about him. Oh but how bad for me he is, especially if he knew what was going on in my mind.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Today or True Story 2.

I woke up and decided to cut my hair 

So I called up my friend and told him what I planned

He said nothing and gave no suggestions,

He took me to his barber,

who smiled,

and said "it's real soft",

I smiled and said "make sure I still look like a girl",

He did a good job,

Now, I have JUST enough hair

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Recently I've been thinking of my life and all the changes I've been through in the past year.

When I started this blog I felt so alone, but now I've built a family here in the real world that i often forget about blogville (sorry guys :D)

I was having dinner with my friends today and I was looking around at the table, how we accept each others oddness, love each others good attributes and are generally there for each other, and I realised how MUCH I love this new family that God has blessed me with. It' s been months since I had a real conversation with my family at home due to some issues but these people are making me not miss leaning on my family quite so much because they are so supportive and now some are graduating *sniff*

One of my friends was pointing out that some people come into your life but they fit in just like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, so perfectly and like they belonged all along just where they are. That's what good friends are like.

I'm looking at the most beautiful sunset right over the lake behind my building and it's probably causing this reflective mood that I'm suddenly in -I should be studying so I can become a senior soon

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

True Story

I had a dream, a really strange dream. I was a warrior princess and I had a really cool headdress and warrior princess outfit. My weapon of choice were two long knives/daggers.
I was at war, and I was a fearsome sight, lol, somehow I managed to be while being 5 feet 0. I was worried I would die in battle but I was not afraid of fighting to defend....whatever it was we were defending.
I fought and fought, enjoying the look of surprise as the invading army realised who I was just as I got to them...
Then I woke up, my heart was actually beating and I was looking around looking for someone to fight...
What do you think this means? P.S  I never play video games so I'm wondering if this is a past life flash back. hmm

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Vanity upon vanity

So I'm home studying on a saturday night feeling lonely as hell. I need someone to cuddle up to...

anyway.. this is something I've not worked on in depth but hey, this is my place and I can post what I want.

My one serious vanity has been my skin. I often sit entranced by the way it reflects the light and the way it just seems to glow with a light of its own. I love how in the summer time or at home in Nigeria, its chocolate-brownness takes on a golden undertone that speaks of health and good living. I especially loved how my face was smooth and clear like a little child.


Now I stare in horror as little black scars appear one by one on the sides of my face. As soon as  I spy one zit looking for a place to anchor itself, I take off for CVS looking for the latest in fresh skin technology and fight a war against it as though it was a fledgling nuclear power.

Let me explain or try to explain: I was not a very pretty adolescent. I was round and wore glasses and thought only of being the best in class. All I believed I had going for me was my skin which did not break out like the so called most beautiful girls in that class. So at the young age of 13,  I began a very loving skin care regimen of cocoa butter, vaseline and good old face washing every morning and night. I headed off spots before they had a chance to reach maturity and took care of my skin with military precision. And it was lovely.

As time wore on and I began to 'bloom', I forgot my obsession a little bit until one day I looked in the mirror - and it was awful. Spots! More than one! Oh dear...

And so it began again-

But I still love my skin, its glow fascinates me and I wonder why anyone would want to be any other shade but caramelicious cocoa brown...