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Friday, May 23, 2008


Are you going home? they say
I give the same answer day after day.

The real answer weighs heavy...
I should say-
I have no home. no,
Not really.

I have no place with that all-encompassing feeling
of comfortable warmth and constant healing..
no place that feels that special brand of right
so that I can just let go,
no such place for me, oh no.

Everywhere I am I want to be home
Even where I should be.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

First post

so i just wanted a place to write a little every week and get feedback. that's all..im trying to get more diligent with my writing.

Here's my first thing

Tears are for the weak

Inside me they
pour like water from a broken dam.
They thunder,
leaving destruction and pain,
lots of pain, in their path.

They hurt like something is
physically wrong and
my heart really does feel like it’s
broken in two and leaking,
leaking torrents of tears.

These relentless inside tears are
Unstoppable and free-flowing
They simply
Just won’t go away.

Outside me that damn dam stays strong and
I look up and smile seemingly easily
Because a long time ago I learned that
tears are only for the weak.