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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Legend...wait for it...


It's coming...

I wonder what it will be like.

2008 has to have been my Best Year Ever.

I went to 5 countries (6 if you include transits)

I made friends who I love even when I'm fighting with them

I saw the Lion King and Wicked live at the theatre in London

I fell in love even though it didn't work out

I felt truly beautiful for the first time

I grew as a person and learnt to understand my limitations

I got this place to experiment with my writing :)

I was happy.

I pray 2009 will be better for me and for everyone reading this...

This is also for every one going through a hard time at the moment. 2007 was horrible for me and if I had given up, I would never have experienced this truly amazing amazing year. It wasn't always easy as my previous depressing posts will show, but on the whole, my memories consist of a warm happy feeling...

I believe next year can be that year for you, if you let it

*Neil Patrick Harris on HIMYM brought that phrase to my attention

Sunday, December 21, 2008

No words required

I was talking to my brother recently and it was brought to my attention that i have a lot of pent up man rage. I had never realised that I was so angry at men, and i don't even want to be, because its such an ugly stereotype of black women. He was telling me that i should find a boyfriend, and i said well me I am here for the lucky man, because I am tired of being on the lookout. so he laughed and said how many boyfriends have i had to be pissed off. Now, the thing is, it is the near misses that made me mad. 
  • All the guys that call and call and then remember they have a girlfriend when you're in town. 
  • The ones that ALSO call and call but at the end say it's not you it's me, while they are safely in India - and still keep calling wtf? (this actually just happened and is still fresh, and I can only laugh) 
  • the wowo ones, 
  • the fine ones who like you but cant help but be players ( in their own words, in my opinion, as long as youre not an animal, YES, you can help yourself, you just don't want to),
  •  the hippies, (pot heads, lazy types, i mean pot cant be too bad once in a while but mehn everyday?)
  • the nigeria-haters, 
  • the any-intelligence-displayed-means-you're-acting-white, 
  • the too-holy,
  •  the cheap let's-hang-out-at-micky-d's (for God's sake I'd rather we cooked, I'm not a golddigger, I just need some style in my life),
  •  the ones that show up for a date with their friend (?), 
  • the ones that disappear for years and expect you to be single when they turn up (yes I am, but I'm not going to tell you that now am i?)
I'm not even bitter because i'm looking forward to the next guy in my life and I'm hoping that one will be the last. I just am not interested in looking anymore. My sanity can't take it.

I don't pretend to know what men want, but I am here to contend that although women are given all the trouble for always changing their minds, that it is in fact MEN who can never decide what they want. This is why they do all these things that make women unhappy with them and complain about them. Now, I'm not one to say men ain't sh*t like some people are (my personal theory is all people ain't sh*t), but seriously will it be all that bad to see one woman you like, talk to her, once or twice. If it seems that all your yarns flow and that you guys get along great, hang out. If there seems to be K-leg in the matter, here's the important bit, listen: MAKE IT CLEAR THERE AND THEN THAT YOU JUST WANT TO BE FRIENDS, or STOP CALLING HER. If there is no K-leg in the relationship, then its best you begin intense flirting and see how that goes, then make a move to make it 'official'. please. don't keep saying , i sorta like this chick but i don't know oooo, maybe? if only? hmmm? lemme see... lemme keep the poor chick in the dark but let me keep flirting with her so that she doesnt have time for any guy more interested than I am and so so and so.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nigeria Here I come

I have prepared a series of posts scheduled to be delivered when necessary so that I can be in touch with the people I am getting very fond of (you guys!!!). They will be delivered every sunday till the new year and if there is a change, i'll tell you, so come and come often! (ibiluv will say 'that's what she said' right here haha)

First order of business: thank you for all your comments and encouragements. Although I came here to write I find myself more and more comfortable sharing my little stories with you lot :D and I hereby take what I'm going to call a 'bloggers vow'. This means that:

I Wordsmith, may be known to you as any other name, will never again disappear from

 blogville. I may not post as often, or may take a hiatus, but I will not randomly delete my blog.

 I will stay up to date, I will answer questions and I will tell the truth. If my anonymity is 

questioned, I will merely delete embarassing posts and remain ever yours. And...if anyone 

discovers my real identity, i have decided it is no horrible fate and will stay here telling my 

So help me God.

Get out clause: If anything ever changes my mind, I will give due warning to my blog pals and STILL remain in touch. sound fair?

Second order of business: I will soon be in Nigeria. Email me at omoobanta@gmail.com for my number and we can gist. Of course no anonymous or unknown personalities will be answered...


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ultimate bit of randomness

Hello people.

This is like shoe season in blogville: for example

I bought cute shoes , what y'all think?

hmm yeah i love round toe shoes on my UK size 3 feet, yum.
 and i love that they are always on sale because nobody else can fit into them.

I walked on Oxford St and there is nothing amusing to report to you.  I met a beggar yesterday though who (very specifically and seriously)  asked for 850 pounds to take him to Barbados or anywhere in the Carribean. I actually laughed because I was that shocked. I then gave him 20p to start his impossible mission. 

I will be very sad to leave London behind.

A big thank you to the person who found me the Agama Label shirts.

I realize I don't talk about my family very much, but I have a short short story which is about what I imagine my great grandmother would be thinking if I could understand her dialect. It was supposed to be an intro to one of my many abandoned story projects..

It's called: All you have to do is listen harder

            I live in a world that I no longer belong to. Imagine that. My family treats me like a priceless relic that everybody loves but nobody wants responsibility for. I don’t understand them but I know people. I know what they are thinking.

I am not deaf but the familiar sounds of the children I bore, their children and their children after them are incomprehensible to me.  Take for example this one in front of me grinning at me as if I am a little child. She is speaking to me. Or rather she is speaking at me. Whatever it is does not matter at all,  as we do not understand each other. I tell her I love her, that she is the flesh of my flesh of my flesh. She keeps smiling in that frozen way that indicates that she has no idea what I am saying but somehow wishes me to be happy. I turn away and look at the television in which impossibly young women smile at me and speak to me in words that hold no meaning for me. It is not that I have lived too long but that nobody else has lived long enough.

 She is smiling at me like I am a helpless child, even though t I gave birth to her grandmother. She looks at her watch and looks like she wishes to be somewhere else. I wish I could tell her not to bother with that frozen one-place smile.  Time holds no meaning for me anymore. I was here before she was born. I will be here when she returns from that far away place across the sea. For now, I am the embodiment of time to her.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So i've been questing for these polo shirts i once caught sight of, i looked on Sugabelly's shirt site here, and even considered buying stuff from there but it's not the one I want. It's a polo shirt that has  since 1960 on it and something about nigeria, as well as a coat of arms in the front. I can't remember specifics but will know it when i see it. if you know what i'm talking about help me... sorry for the vague descriptions :(

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm famous LOL

Hear me sing my karaoke version of Santa baby here,